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About Elliott & Associates Research Global Markets



What We Do?

Elliott & Associates Research Global Markets is the prime global political-risk research and consulting company of the world. We provide information and insights into current political events that affect markets in order to assist clients foresee and react to volatility and opportunities wherever they conduct business.



Founded in 2012, the company's title shows its early focus in Asia and Europe, but at present our research scope is worldwide. Our analysts keep an eye on political, social, economic, and security developments in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and North America. They also observe cross-border issues such as trade, energy and other commodities, financial regulation, global health, and climate change. Our fields of concern include the following:

  • Governance and politics
  • Economic indicators
  • Regulatory issues
  • Security 
  • International and regional relations
  • Social trends and developments


Key Services

clients — coming from various financial institutions to multinational corporations to government agencies — seek our guidance as they pursue their business in volatile environments. In 2012, we developed the financial community's global political risk index to gauge the relative stability of promising markets. We utilize both qualitative and quantitative evaluations to furnish prompt information on key political drivers globally and to emphasize international trends. We provide the following services and advantages:

  • Direct access to analysts
  • Political risk assessments
  • Scenario analysis and strategic planning
  • Independent research and tailored consulting reports
  • Quantitative risk metrics and evaluations

Elliott & Associates Research Global Markets

Markets Around the Globe

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